December 20, 2012

Christmas Eve: Healthy Appetizers

I'm not sure how it started (sorry Mom!), but my family has always opened Christmas presents on Christmas Eve. It was weird to think of it any other way when Tony and I got married, but it did work out when it came to the obligatory splitting up of family time during the Christmas season. Our family would gather every year right around dinner time to open all of our presents, which ended up making dinner a challenge. We (the kids) wanted to get strait to opening presents and would hardly touch our food or if we waited until after the presents to eat we rushed through opening presents because we were all starving.

My mom decided the solution to this predicament was to do a ton of finger foods to put out in the living room to snack on during the present opening. Now every year that is our Christmas Eve meal... a TON of appetizers (and a couple of cocktails). There are so many great appetizer recipes that our eyes always end up being bigger than our stomachs (or some of us just keep eating until we explode). This year I am hosting Christmas Eve at our house and I am having a terrible time narrowing down the options. I have decided that we are going to try some more healthy options (but still kid friendly) than we normally do because we are the ones that are going to be stuck with the leftovers and I am not interested in buying bigger jeans this year! These are 10 of the yummy recipes that I am considering:

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